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Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation takes place when two or more parties are experiencing conflict in their workplace. This may occur due to a misunderstanding, personality clashes or a difference of opinion. Such conflict frequently affects the productivity and harmony of the group.

Workplace Mediation is not designed to find fault or to determine right or wrong. As a Mediator I understand that each party has their own point of view on the issues in question. The aim of Mediation is to find a suitable resolution to the issues that exist. My facilitating and leading discussions between the parties will achieve this.

As a Mediator I am Independent and Impartial. It is not my place to make judgments or to make decisions for either party.

My role is to encourage open discussion that will enable the participants to express their position and viewpoints on the issues. This will be achieved in a safe and controlled environment. The parties will be guided in identifying what changes in their interactions and behaviours are needed.

I will then assist the participants in forming an agreement about future work place interactions and behaviours.

This will enable the parties to work together, safely, respectfully, professionally and productively in the future .

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