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Working under Supervision means that a Counsellor, Social Worker, Nurse or other Professional engages the services of a more experienced peer. The purpose being to review, discuss and reflect upon the supervisees work with clients and to assist in the Supervisees Professional Development. Part of the Supervisors role is to engage with and support the Supervisee Emotionally and Therapeutically.

Supervision is a Collaborative process rather that a Managerial role. It is important that Supervisees can talk with someone who enables them to review and reflect upon their own work. The Supervisors role may vary from being one of Mentors, Coaches, Teacher Role Models, and/or Advisor’s.

Supervision Aims To:

• Improve the ability of Supervisees to provide a service to their clients that is Ethical, Competent and Safe.

• Offer a Reflective Space where the Supervisee—Supervision Dyad works together, offering feedback from their individual experiences.

• Strengthen Supervisees Skills, Confidence and Competency.

• Enhance the Professional Development of the Supervisee with particular regard to their Personal and Emotional well being.

• Advance Supervisees with regards to the value of their work in relation to their clients need.

• Ensure Supervisees follow due process and adhere to Professional Standards and Practice.

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