Caring for Change is committed to ensuring that the services we provide support our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes whatever the situation.

Our lead practitioner, Narelle, is a qualified mediator, counsellor and supervisor. For further details on the areas you are seeking support, please see below.


It takes courage to ask for support. Our range of counselling services provide a safe, confidential place to talk about troubling emotions, behaviours and relationship issues. Our aim is to build healthy relationships, manage conflict, share positive communication and care for change.

We can help with:

Supporting Children Through Separation
Family Relationship Dynamics
Grief and Loss
Relationship Issues
Mental Health
Couples Counselling
Children & Adolescents

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution is the legal term used for mediation, which assists people who have been affected, by separation or divorce. FDR assists people with issues relating to their children, for example time spent with their children, holidays, education, parental responsibilities and decision-making. Other matters may also be discussed if they are appropriate to the child/children’s needs. Matters that are agreed to can then be written into a Parenting Plan and when signed by both parents can become a legal document

FDR is a voluntary process, yet it also compulsory to attempt mediation before parents can enter the Court process. Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners assess each case and will issue a Certificate if the case is not suitable for mediation. The best outcome for parents is that they come to an agreement outside of The Court.

Property and Finance mediation

When separation occurs the parent’s first priority is to have workable care arrangements in place for their children.

Parents may also need to work out their financial issues. Parents may need to deal with how they will divide up the family home, superannuation and other issues around loans and expenses.

This is a more cost effective process for clients; they would still need to take their agreement to a Solicitor to have the agreement Consented by The Court.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation takes place when two or more parties are experiencing conflict in the work place; which often affects productivity and the atmosphere in their place of work.

The aim of this type of mediation is to help by leading discussions between the clients concerned to find a resolution to the conflict.

The mediator should be an independent person who has not been involved in any previous discussions.

Workplace mediations are not designed to find any person at fault, or to decide who is right or wrong. Instead the mediator should understand that each party has their own view of the facts. The mediator’s role is to encourage each party to express their position/view openly without fear of reprisal. The mediator’s role is to assist each party write an agreement about future workplace interactions and behaviours.

The mediator guides the two parties to identify what changes in their interactions and behaviours are needed to support both parties to work safely, respectfully, professionally and productively in the future.


Working under Supervision means that a Counsellor, Mediator or other Professional uses the services of another trained and more experienced peer to review their work with clients, their professional development and often their personal development as well.

Supervision is a professional service, rather than a managerial role, and for Counsellors, Mediators and other Professionals it is important that these professionals can speak to someone who understands the difficulty of working in their particular area of expertise. The Supervisor’s role is to also support the Supervisee emotionally and therapeutically.

Supervision exists for 2 main reasons:

1: to protect clients, and

2: to improve the ability of Professionals to provide value to their clients.

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